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Trust & Estate Litigation

O’Brien Law P.C. has extensive experience litigating Elder Abuse, Trust and Estate matters, including trials of such matters.  We offer deep litigation experience combined with extensive experience litigating complex trust and estate matters.  Our litigation experience generally gives us a substaintial leg up in these matters where most attorneys only rarely litigation and are primarily transactional lawyers.

In the past five years our firm has handled several elder abuse matters, capacity litigation, trust fraud and conversion issues, accounting matters, and many other trust and estate issues.

Our practice areas include:

  • Elder Abuse Litigation
  • Conservatorship Litigation
  • Estate Litigation
  • Estate, Probate & Trust Appeals
  • Estate, Probate & Trust Mediation
  • Probate Litigation
  • Trust Litigation
  • Forensic Accounting

If you have a conservatorship, trust, or estate litigation issue involving an Trust or Estate Litigation issue, contact our office at 707-789-6500 for assistance.


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